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#Occupy: SHOCKING! Babies, young children & mothers Victims Of #IDF Shelling: via @YouTube

#Occupy: SHOCKING! Babies, young children & mothers Victims Of #IDF Shelling Rus...: via @YouTube

My Comment:

The entire population is totally traumatised 75% of which are women and children. Hamas & the IDF are both fascistic entities, one acting as the sacrificial lamb of Islam the other the righteous progeny of Zion. The map of Palestine looks like an anatomy of a autopsy the notion that two viable states could co-exist utter nonsense. In truth one must destroy the other or both must give way to a unified pluralist and secular state. But no-one wants this because the interests in the conflict run deep including showcasing the Iron Dome defense system. Research needs to be done on the procurement of all these weapons systems because I've no doubt the armaments dealers and procurers are all wise guys on the same side regardless of theocratic nonsense.

In a strict Biblical sense Islam and Judaism contesting the Holy Land is a akin to a fight among cadavers for control of the mortuary. Fatah are closer to the truth than either the IDF or Hamas. In reality Hamas have been a disaster for Gaza and Palestine but this is a civilian city we are talking about. The notion of waging war in it when the Israelis have such sophisticated weapons systems at their disposal is totally unjustifiable; the ambition to remove Hamas reasonable but how? The truth is there is no way of normalising politics outside of a comprehensive settlement but the Israelis don't want this because this would leave the emerging state split 50:50 between Arabs and Jews. A solution as far as the world is concerned but not where either Hamas or Zionists are concerned. And most Israelis, even radical peaceniks, are zionists (though lowercase) advocating the twin state solution. The truth is there is very little anyone can do except pray for an end to the delusion which is sustaining the conflict.

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation...

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

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#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

My Comment:
Here's some pictures I took of the TINI (Transition Ireland Northern Ireland) meeting in Ashoka House last Saturday. Thanks to Damien Creggan (light blue top & hat) for driving up and being a great mate for the day. I represented my own views quite forcibly: 1)That Local Government should be replaced with a National Forum elected from a representatives put forward by prescribed NGOs; 2)That we needed a far bigger idea of what a 'Tool', was, namely that the meeting and budgets not become a subset of the IT Guys budgetary fantasies in the same way political parties appeared to have become a subset of the printing industry and it's bills. The point was plainly taken on board because the TINI.ning site is not working today so I assume someone took the huff. Still their Facebook link is up.

Theresa Carter explained, in great detail and insight, TINI's interaction with the Social Partnership Process and new model for public participation in relation to nation energy transition plan and TINI's role therein. A task which had plainly taken her to the end of her tether but one which she elaborated on with great poise nonetheless. My proposal for the abolition of Local Government in favour of a National NGO Forum for Environment, Community and Local Government is very radical to the point of being communistic but ironically poses as much a challenge for the emergent Left as it does for the established powers because it totally changes the game effectively decommissioning our clientelist patronage system of governance which has turned us into the petty, 'Going along to get along', sycophantic nation we are. My point about taking the budget off the 'Julio for Toolios', was also plainly challenging my key concern being that we need to get out there into garden from the git go. Just as revolutionaries worked off the revolutionary trail so too 'Eco-solution-aries', must work out of the project rooted in their 'chosen product', - to borrow a phrase from neighbour Niall McQuaid.

The conversation also focused on the resurgent interest in the energy debate from issues including: Fracking, Pylons, Windmills, Interconnectors, Vegan/Organic Agriculture etc and was likened to the LGBTQ debate in that respect; there being no right or wrong just increasing and more sensitised patterns of awareness to the human needs and dispositions. Thanks to Elaine and Nicola from my own working group and to Nicola for asking the question 'How to become carbon neutral?' and offering me the opportunity to at least answer it in part: By moving from Meat Loving towards Vegan diets; By switching to Green energy electric providers; By limiting mileage in the car and switching home heating systems to solar, photovoltaic and biomass fuel; By constraining you pattern of personal consumption including annual holidays; and by getting involved in promoting Carbon Sequestration either directly or by sponsoring a Rainforest/Indigeous Peoples NGO.

And so onto the Monsanto March which was reasonably well attended and seemed to swell enroute from the Garden of Rememberance to the Department of Agriculture where I took some photos on my slightly aged Nokia thanks to the cooperation of the people concerned whose names I did not have the temerity to ask. Perhaps some folks can Facebook Tag their faces. I was very impressed and put to shame for having no banner myself which I never do because getting out the door always drives me into internal crisis. Thanks to all for the great day out and hope the TINI troop are not falling out over IT budgets.

BTW: Rebelmouse is free as is Twitter and Facialbook though some small budget is really becoming an issue for me too which is something I'm going to have to do something about asap.


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#NFI: @SinnFeinIreland neither #Europhile nor #Eurosceptic but #Eurocritical” says Lynn Boylan: @IrishTimes

Lynn is a former student of mine, back in the day, so she's a fully qualified, convinced and convincing environmentalist. No cynic as Miriam Lord suggests here - in this article - but a deeply empathetic person who possess qualities, grace and charm. And on top of all of that still manages to be a highly photogenic politico - which is quite a mystery to me.

As to how she made it through the ranks. She had the good fortune to land on Martin Ferris's patch and from there to find her way back to Dublin cutting her teeth at party Ard Fheiseanna enroute. Obviously she decided to go with the Irish handle 'Ni Bhaoigheallain', when in Kerry reverting to 'Boylan', in Dublin. (This is not a conspiracy. She's a 'Lovely girl' and people like her - simple as Miriam). Not surprising she's been so well received in Dublin. She really is the genuine article. Dublin's answer to Martina Anderson.

I can't vote for you Lynn but I would do if I could do. Best of luck tomorrow.

#Occupy: Jon Snow: Where our world 'leaders' have failed Ordinary pp: via @YouTube

#Occupy: Jon Snow: Where our world 'leaders' have failed Ordinary pp: via @YouTube

My Comment:
Funny how simple off the cuff narrating brings us closer to our emotional center than almost anything else. Funny how those apparently out of their box are best at thinking outside of it. We all accept every word of what is being said here as the truth but as a Western public we must have an independent view rooted in our own values. We have moved past the notion of theocracies, (the Belfast & St. Andrews Agreements taking Ireland beyond the 'Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People', and 'Catholic Constitution for a Catholic Country', of partition) so why are we now advancing the notion of a twin state theocratic solution in the Middle East? We need to be advocating a unitary state solution, a single popular and secular democracy with parity of esteem between Arabs and Jews. Instead we seem to have a rouse for the promotion of Iron Dome Defense systems, Operation Protective Edge coinciding as it does with the Malaysian and Malian aircraft attacks. We are being told subliminally to 'take the edge', in defense terms the entire diabolical fiasco being a rouse for justifying the militarisation of civil aviation and the diversion of aviation carbon tax to ground defense systems. We once heard of Nasa's paranoid universe theory well we now have the zionist equivalent - a paranoid world in practice. It's time to decommission Israel's project before it decommissions all our freedoms. It's time so see through the bullshit of both sides and to demand an appropriate outcome consistent with international norms. It's time to reign in the military-industrial complex and give America back to the Americans. Bring back Fatah and a unified Palestinian stance based on a shared state with negotiated borders and a planned and phased right of return. we love you dude - know that. 

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