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#GWOBS: #Facebook buys #Oculus while FB Pages is littered with #Penis Expansion #Porn: Grow up Zuckerberg!

#GWOBS: #Facebook buys #Oculus while FB Pages is littered with #Penis Expansion #Porn: Grow up Zuckerberg! My...

My Comments:
Thanks to my late Father being hung like a donkey - despite being a diminutive ESB accountant type - I seldom find myself wishing I had a larger penis. For years I prayed for what I termed 'Dieagra', because like most men I was plagued by unwanted, unneeded, unheeded and often unnecessary boners. Monogamy is a difficult commitment but love compels us, regardless, even if we subsequently discover there were bigger better vagina's out there all along.

I cancelled my Facebook personal account in favour of a page account partially to get away from 'Babetts', who are used by the porn industry to hook people onto mainstream porn. So if you have an FB page account there's no personal interaction with anyone, other than page messaging, which keeps the babes at bay except for the side bar advertising which in my case bares no relation to my pattern of consumption. Facebook I have never needed, nor sought, penis expanding drugs or devices nor do I need more inspiration than my imagination and brief excursions to town already provide me with.

The last thing I bought was RAM from Crucial so now everywhere I go on the web I'm tracked by Crucial adverts cept on Facebook which has yet to crack this form of targeted data-mined advertising. How come everyone else knows my about last credit card purchase but Facebook? Has Mark Zuckerberg lost his own plot? The clever thing to do Mark is to buy into data mining companies not manufacturers of cool cyber goggles like Oculus. This is like a 'Boys Toys', spending spree surely? What surprises me is how no-one has mined into Ebay purchases on a brand and item level and used that data to track customers. Now that would be an advertising angle worth billions. As for the plethora of penis expanding meds marketed by lovely girls with excruciating facial expressions, on Facebook sidebars. Not since St. Catherine of Alexandria's was tortured to death on the infamous Catherine Wheel have such visages been known.

Word of advice to the wise beyond 6" Dicks become progressively more problematical and difficult to wield and while initially impressed the Ladies do tend to take issue often developing penis phobia, which is a diagnosis the psychiatrists have yet to delve into. If it works it works if not then move on to the next wonder woman's well of willkommens or give up, go home, change-sides or wotever. If the woman is having an orgasm that's all that matters. Practice makes perfect as does being obliging and respectful. Women need to feel safe while being shagged not shafted. And in terms of the old saying in relation to the unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects believe you me the immovable object wins in the end because the unstoppable loses the war of attrition; which is to say that not only are women larger than the male member so too is the vagina, which is why babies manage to escape through it. Sure think of Lesbians managing via the simple act of synchronized grinding. So this is crazy stuff Facebook get shod if it for God's sake. Though sometimes I have wondered if I could shrink my head into my dick but that would require double assed pants, which sounds too complicated, so I guess I'll pass.

Anyway Facebook grow up. This is getting annoying.

#AAA: #Ming Flanagan contests #Euros on €70B #Bailout-Skeptic ticket; Turf-Cutters; Irish #Waters; & #Marijuana debates:

#AAA: #Ming Flanagan contests #Euros on €70B #Bailout skeptic ticket; Turf-Cutters; Irish #Waters; & #Marijuana...

My Comment:
Despite not agreeing with Ming across the board I'll be giving him my No.1 in the upcoming European Elections. I understand the Bog-Men have adopted a more conciliatory stance, which helps because I can't help agree with Min. Pat Rabbitte in relation to the idealized notion of the rural many countryside dwellers have; the 'Rural Idyll', as the English refer to the romanticised delusion of countryside.

Ming's concerns in relation to the water debate stands to reason. All consumers ought to get a 150'000lt domestic water allowance before being charged. Beyond that the charge could rise incrementally to prohibitive levels effectively acting as a lawn tax, for instance. Why should Urban dwellers be treated as second class water consumers? What's good enough for the National Federation of Group Water Schemes (NFGWS) is good enough for Irish Waters. And why oughtn't Irish Waters become a federation of urban group water cooperatives in the same way the NFGWS is a federation of rural group water cooperatives?

The legalisation of weed is a critical debate especially on medical health grounds. Beyond that there is no reason hash cookies, brownies, herbal teas, oils and weed ought not be legalised. Hash resins might perhaps remain decriminalised. Many argue that hash is a gateway drug but that was not my experience as a person with an addictive and mentally unstable personality. Addictive personalities are drawn to their drug of choice and for most that is either alcohol, opiates or other psycho active drugs. If you give a potential alcoholic a joint at the age of 16 he or she will go on to abuse alcohol and give up the smoke so too with potential cocaine and heroin addicts or ravers. Marijuana types are slackers, in the main, or just plain old odd-balls like Ming. The worst that can happen is that they remain 'slack', which they are likely to do anyway. Many will go on to discover they have mood disorders. The sooner they are identified, diagnosed and treated the better.

These are the type of people society is going to lose to the margins anyway. The reals question is what to do with them or enable them to do with themselves rather than criminalizing them and youth culture at large. To my mind a Basic Income for all Irish Citizens, ineligible for social welfare, would be wise if linked to a domestic and community transition workers scheme. I am always greatly concerned by the politicization of the anti-drugs agenda when plainly it remains the remit of the police. The real issue is why the police can be so heavy handed at the likes of Fracking protests and yet fail to police hard core drug crime. It's critically important that we get the weed out of the drugs debate even if it's just homegrown stuff from approved growers, packers and producers.

#AAA: #NFGWS Water Bill with 140'000lt. Free Domestic Allowance: Usage half allowance hence no charge: @paulvcassidy

My Comment:
These are jpegs of my annual household water bill. My wife and I paid €2K for the connection - some ten years ago - plus the cost of laying the water-pipe to the house from the road. But that €2K was converted to shares so we are invited to the Tydavnet Group Water Scheme AGM each year as shareholders. That goes for all private households in the schemes catchment.

Having no children and having removed the bath our water usage is less than half the annual allowance. Whenever we get round to using harvested rainwater to flush the toilets that will drop further. I keep a meadow and rough grass verge rather than a lawn and my Sally Garden and Reedbed runoff are water sufficient. Hose-water usage is limited to what I need to wash the car, the windows, paving and clean the food waste bin. If I do get into some Grow Your Own it will certainly be from harvested water.

What is wrong with the idea of Irish Waters being modeled on the NFGWS as an Urban Group Water Federation: Why must it be privatised? And even if it is being privatised why not on the basis of a generous annual domestic allowance? Surely the idea of incremental increases in charges per liter beyond 150K liters is going to be far more effective in terms of encouraging water conservation? And businesses have options including water harvesting afterall. There is something drastically wrong with how Min. Fergus O'Dowd (TD) has handled his brief in relation to Irish Waters. Surely it is another scandal of equal proportions to the bank bailout?

Don't get me wrong I recognise the tremendous work the government has done in widening the tax base, which is vital in terms of generating the transfers required for promoting social justice. I do not support the Socialist Party view that domestic charges and taxes are inherently wrong merely that they ought to be just, universal and tending to promote sustainability and effective local governance. In this instance that means: No meter charges; A generous annual domestic water allowance; Effective water treatment; and local ownership and control.

I could go into the controversial issue in relation to Veolia (The French Environmental Services which also run the Luas) being on the Palestine Solidarity boycott list but I'll not let that rest for now. Suffice to say I am disappointed with Sinn Fein's failure to address this issue given their stance on Palestine.

#AAA: Republic of Ireland (ROI) to lose #MNC tax revenues to overseas markets as #OECD rule-change targets tax havens:

#AAA: #ROI to lose #MNC tax revenues to overseas markets as #OECD rule-change targets tax havens: My Comment:...

My Comment:
Incredibly the taxes which might have been collected here - had any of our governments had the balls to implement the 12.5% tax rate or the suggested 17.5% - are now to go overseas markets in OECD 'digital presence',defined tax designations. So regardless of where the company is located it will be taxed in its principal market - likely the US. Former American President Bill Clinton warned the Irish government during his last visit that this issue would be tackled one way or another. Now it's to be taxed in a manner where Ireland will lose massive potential tax revenues and likely with that the MNC's also who will logically seek to re-position themselves with a view to avoiding double taxation.

Well done lads the country has now lost the prospect of doubling it's tax base by simply collecting the corporate share. The Revenue will go to any lengths to collect every conceivable tax from the average 'Prunty Punter', including deducting all property related taxes at source, which for many effectively means surrendering wages to the state, the the banks, then to child care costs and so on. I'll read the business supplement when I come in from the Sally Garden but this my friends is a pure national disaster.

So much for Enda's gullible Paddy's Day presentation where he plainly pissed all off by his ongoing act of tax designation denial. But it's not too late. Surely a rapid move by the Government to regularize the situation may save the day as well as adding tens of billions to the nation coffers? Think of what could be done with that money Enda: Free Child Care; Tax Deductible Universal Health Care; Universal Pension; Basic Income for all citizens without Social Welfare entitlements; Free 150'000 Domestic Water Allowance. Sure you'd wipe the floor with FF having essentially erased the basis for the 'Go along to get along', clientelist culture, they an others trade on and promote.

Come on Enda show us you're a real country and western cowboy or else we'll have to conclude you're only a Mean Mayo sheep shagger!!!!

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