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#GWOBs: Samantha Morton's abuse: A cautionary tale for Scottish women? @Guardian:

#GWOBs: Samantha Morton's abuse: A cautionary tale for Scottish women? @Guardian My Comment: One of the...

#GWOBs: Samantha Morton's abuse: A cautionary tale for Scottish women? @Guardian

My Comment:
One of the advantages of living in Ulster improper (by which I mean any of the three Ulster counties excluded from Ulster proper by the Government of Ireland Act 1920) is that you can get any of the Brit papers handy enough, especially in the likes of North Monaghan with its significant Protestant & Unionist population. And so I've just finished reading the lead articles in today's Guardian which relate to the child sex abuse scandal in Nottingham and the Scottish Independence vote. Not the 'Defence of the Union Vote', mind you which some would portray it as. My key point of contention is the curious interplay between the lead articles because the real struggle now in terms of achieving Scottish Independence lies in winning Scottish women over. So is it any accident that the Guardian leads with Samantha Morgan's revelations as to her own childhood abuse issues ahead of the title 'Union hanging by thread as yes camp narrows gap'? I've something to say about all of this so I guess I best say it before September 18th.

The childhood abuse visited of my own family home was due to a complex interplay of forces both within and without the home but lets just consider the forces within the home. My father - since deceased - did not want his second son and name sake to be Gay. But Maurice - my older brother - is Gay and is a significant mentoring business figure within his own community in Greenwich Village (NY) where he made his living as a publican and property dealer. Maurice - and his partner Sal - were among the first to obtain a civil partnership licence recently upgraded to a marriage certificate. If Maurice has issues with his homosexuality it lies with the bizarre circumstances within the family by which my parents and siblings apparently decided it would be better for the family and for me if I were gay, instead, so that Maurice could get on with the business propagating the family tree while I was 'Priested'. So they literally tried to get me take his place through a series of interventions the worst of which was my farming out to an odd-ball English bachelor car sales man who befriended the family in guise of canoeing instructor. A man who I would essentially be parceled out to over a series of holidays and excursions from the age of 12 till my 18th. birthday by which time I had developed persistent mental health issues masked by my addictive personality. Norman took me to Nottingham in the Seventies, among other places, way back when Samantha was making her way down her Mother's Fallopian tubes no doubt giving a top-notch performance as is her norm. I was progressively groomed into sharing a bed with Norman for reasons he constructed with my parents 'apparent', consent. Having been sent away initially with my two siblings - Maurice and my twin Peter - the others were withdrawn and I was left to fight my corner on my own in a brand new pair of snugly fitting Speedos. Hindsight has been my task master since because Norman arrived on the scene just three years after my twin brother's sexual grooming and serial abuse. A confounding event with complex out-workings for me which made the ongoing risk exposure even more difficult to comprehend much less believe or relate to. I was being subtly terrorized into sexual submission and subservience without my knowing in a very intentional and planned manner. The point was within the developing dynamic (my twins need to level the playing pitch not to mention avoid being victim all over again; my older brothers need to retreat from his emergent homosexuality; and my older siblings and parents shared desire to peg Paul as the queer 'Priestly Boy') I was charged as the boy liege of the latest Uncle Tom Cobley type family attachment. Today I am roundly rejected and alienated from and by all because the seed of that dynamic has found new expression in the matriarchal desire to advance the family around the success narrative defined by fertility, socialization, integration, status and success. (Just to throw some assorted verbiage at it). It matters little because I'm enjoying the down time and using it to redefine my direction and priorities.

And so I wish to offer a seemingly confounded Samantha Morton - and her 1'400 fellow victims in Rotherham - this insight. Institutional child sex abuse is not accidental it has a specific motive and a polemic to do with predetermining or heavily influencing a persons emergent sexual orientation and proclivities in favour of the needs of the abusers of the day and the interests they serve. In Ireland vocation formation was the over-riding defining social ambition both of the Church and of the pious clergy classes who were diverse in terms of their social profile whether urban/rural or working/middle or any combination thereof. So in my case my parents and mentors saw the opportunity to kill two birds with the one stone which was to gain a priest while ensuring that my Father's name was carried forward by his namesake Maurice. But the plot went sour and neither outcome was achieved. The point is there was a clear motive and here's the kicker: the pederasts were not only grooming they too were being groomed by the institutional Church, the State and a seethingly ambitious Piety. (I use the term 'Piety', rightly or wrongly because it was essentially a class defined by Faith. As for 'Seethingly', just trying to make an oblique Mr Kipling reference there). In-any-case, in the case of Rotherham, the motive was clearly to recruit children into prostitution by sexing and/or sexulaising them early in a manner intended to release there inner 'Nymph'. The two part film simply titled Nymphomaniac starring Charlotte Gainsboro is worth watching in that regard.

So it seems to me Samantha was being prepped for prostitution by her carers to be fed out to Pakistani pedophiles though that thought has plainly not been processed by her yet. Obviously someone is paying the workers in the care system - and those planning the location of the homes - large amounts of dosh to deliver the service in a manner likely to produce prostitutes. Samantha's confusion seems to lie with the fact that she was not overtly raped merely sexualised. But that's the point Sam cept for the process to have worked you were supposed to go outside, onto the streets, in an attempt to liberate your inner Nymph at which point the sexual accusations are all on you. As it is they are already implying your meteoric rise to fame was due to your sexual disposition as much as your talent. But that's a nudder matter entirely Mrs Morton because we live in very liberated society; a society which has no issue maintaining a world wide porniverse online 24/7 for every living soul to be implicated by and insinuated into. And the Mafia need fodder for that project too just as the Church did for there's; just as the gambling casinos need gamblers. (No marks for guessing what the clientele profile of your typical gambling casino looks like). And the politicians stand and serve the project in the practiced pose of 'Traditional, obsequious, crafty, money-grabbing bastard'. Best enjoy your life Samantha and dam the begrudgers because this will be a hard fought battle should you chose to fight it. My advice is to raise your family, enjoy your career and leave it to hairy arsed cannon fodder like me to plough that battlefield for you. I am so sick and tired of this appalling viral narrative of the intentional sexual abuse, programming and exploitation of pubescent youth that I have no problem being the proverbial 'Destroyer of worlds', bringing me nicely onto the link with Scottish Independence vote.

What the Guardian is not saying is that the British child care system is plainly hopelessly compromised and has been for some time. That it has become a recruitment ground for prostitution and that the location of homes - many intentionally located within Redlight districts - is no accident of market forces. Just to get away from Team Scotland and Better Together, the opposing sides in the Scottish Independence debate, Scottish Truthers (plus @DavidIcke and his likes) have been getting at the extent to which the British judiciary and system/political class have been corrupted by pederasty and pedophilia. It seems to go back to the Thatcher era and the bridgehead or convergence point she created between the institutional Catholic & Anglican Communions, the Establishment and Political Classes. A nexus point men like Jimmy Saville used to traffic their victims along rat runs just out of plain sight. And to think I got to play a walk on part in that war too: sure I'm am made man Sam. David Icke has been digging at the rot in this royal root for years but is marginalised due to his strange belief in extra-terrestrial reptilian life. So my advise to the women of Scotland, who are progressively turning to support the Scottish Independence vote, is to consider carefully the hint the Guardian is making; which is that the British child care system is being used to foster mafia sponsored prostitution. Why? Because the phrase 'Youth is wasted on the young', has a darker meaning to it too. Some would simply take it from you for a laugh and with it your self-respect and any chance you ever had of being well within yourself.

Scotland needs to be in control of it's own social services and Scottish women need to secure that control by voting Yes overwhelmingly. David Cameron makes it to address 'Scottish Widows', but not to 'Scottish Prostitutes'. Guess he didn't see the merit of that photo-op but the warning signs are all there. The writing is on the wall and just about on the typeface too. What a dread it would be for Scottish women to discover, only later-on this year, the full implications of the Savillie Enquiry: that Saville was just the King Rat in an underworld which intentionally processed and fed off human waste. That Pederasty & Pedophilia are the perverse faces of the Fascism rank within the British Institutional Establishment. The wonder from a Catholic perspective is how Pope John Paul II ever made it to sainthood having made Thatcher a Knight of the Catholic Church and herself having seen to Savile's knighthood. As to why the Queen is being silent well the sewers also travel to Buckingham Palace so I guess she's trying to protect her own Tush. 'Hello what's this vile beastie from the netherworld attached to my derriere'?

A Yes for Scottish Independence is a vote against institutional child sex abuse and the prepping of vulnerable adolescents for prostitution. It is also plainly a vote against inherited systems of patriarchal control.The Scottish Sterling, which Alex Salmond referred to, is already circulating in Ulster proper. I lodged two Scottish £50 notes last week in the AIB in Monaghan. The Bank clerk, never having seen the rather impressive notes before, had to check a catalog to verify there existence. But sure enough there they were picture perfect so perhaps this a well kept bankers secret. It really wont matter in the end because the Union will persist in one form or another. My thought lies with Ulster improper getting together with Ulster proper at some point to re-consummate the original nine county Ulster formation. And a word to Samantha Morton by way of conclusion. As a 13yr old girl two male care workers had no right to undress you and sexually stimulate and favour you whatsoever even if they are now saying it merely constituted 'Frolicking'. You were not some Filly in the field to be trot about. That was your moment, your discovery and your gift to gift to your chosen one when you were ready to explore it and gift it; up to which point your clitoris was and remains your own to stimulate or not as you chose. But you got there in the end and found your Mister Right, which is the main thing. Don't worry too much about all this bullshit just keep making good TV while others bury these bastards, all their likes and all of their lies, in the institutional rubble of regret.

And well done to the Guardian for living up to its title. This really is guarding the only realm that really matters: the realm of consciousness. That's a point the 'Better Together', tribe ought see and get with because we are going to be together regardless. Let the People be the Realm!

(Just as a curious afterthought with reference to @DavidIcke and his reptilian theory. The home in which Samantha Morton was abused was called 'Redtiles', which she pronounces curiously like 'Reptiles'. A reference to reptiles being from Mars there David not Saturn. Just a curious point of schizo-fonetics I thought I'd point to).

#SIBKills:"ECLIPSE OF REASON": Historical (1987) #abortion documentary exposing late term abortion as a crime against humanity:

"ECLIPSE OF REASON": Historical (1987) #abortion documentary exposing late term abortion as a crime against humanity:

"Its seems to me that almost no attention is paid to the psychological disaster that happens to so many people through abortion. Abortion is not something that was developed or invented by the women's movement. I think the women's movement has been terribly deceived and his misunderstood what abortion is". (23:20-23:45mins).

Anonymous psychologist survivor of abortion who on getting off the abortion table was faced with a blood filled bucket containing the hand sized remains of her baby.

My Comment:
Some stats on late term (second & third trimester) abortions: USA 7% or 120'000 of 1.5M ; Canada 11% or 7'000 of 65'000; UK 18% or 30'000 of 170'000 annually. The total of 20M abortions reached in the US in 1987 currently tops 50M every decade adding a further 15M to the death toll. In the former Soviet Union 40% of pregnancies ended in abortion. A good thing or a bad thing? Well it sure is a sad thing whatever way you want to look at it. What of Charlton Heston's intro? Gone now to greener gun toting pastures since.

And to think here we are in good old Ireland seeking to endorse what is without doubt a modern holocaust over 40yrs since its inception in 1973. The abortion performed here is disturbing to say the least to the extent that the surgeon who performed the abortion in the film 'The Silent Scream', recoils in horror at the thought of performing late term abortions having performed over 10'000 first term abortions at that stage of his career apparently chronically fatigued from labouring in his chosen vineyard of death.

In terms of arguing the case for abortion one must accept that beyond first trimester - the nervous system having developed - that it is an incredibly cruel way to end a human being's life because the foetus is sensory at that point, which is to say it feels the pain involved in being torn asunder. Those arguing for abortion need to consider that post first trimester they are attributing fewer rights to unborn children than the animal rights movement attributes to animals in terms of prevention of cruelty. While within the first trimester the human is truly foetal by the second it is already a foetus rapidly transitioning to an unborn child capable of living in intensive care beyond the midway point. So who wants to draw that line in the embryonic sands? Best to stick to trimesters in terms of analysis. There really is no argument for abortion, bar saving the life of the mother, beyond the first trimester still birth or emergency c-section being preferable options.

So Ireland's 9 month 'Protection of life in Pregnancy Bill', is absurdly euphemistic in terms of deception making the Irish political establishment seem as though they had been collectively lobotomized. In the light of these historical testimonial documentaries anyone advancing an argument for abortion beyond three months simply ought not be listened to on humanitarian grounds alone. And note my choice of the word humanitarian as opposed to the phrase 'human rights', because a persons humanity can and ought be recognised even if their rights cannot. Even at that we risk some intrepid corporate patenting the human embryo, via surrogacy, up to the point at which it develops identity (sexual identity being the most obvious benchmark) and using the products of conception for commercial purposes. I presume this is already the case with respect to R&D which begs the question as to where where the harvested remains of aborted embryonic children go nowadays?

#GWOBs: #Scottish Independence to confirm Tory Britain despite #Cameron's dying crocodile tears:

#GWOBs: Scottish Independence to confirm Tory Britain despite Cameron's dying crocodile tears: My Comment: Fair...

My Comment: Fair dues to the Guardian for very balanced reporting on the impending Scottish Independence vote which would see Labour lose 41 of its Commons seats leaving the Tories well placed to win a snap election with or without Cameron. So there it is the real reason for those tears the fact that David Cameron's political career is on the line though not necessarily the fate of his party. One senses an ambivalence across the articles with England set to gain as much as it would lose leaving the Welsh to wonder whether or not to make a break for the border too. 

As for Northern Ireland I guess you'd have to be a die hard 'Eire Nua', head to understand that Scottish Independence is not only likely to lead to a debate about NI's relationship with Westminster but also about it's real identity as a province. I have not had the courage or inclination to steal Sinn Fein's thunder by campaigning for a United Ulster but you never know. No one in Dublin wants to talk about regionalisation based on the four provinces because it opens a Pandoras Box as to Dublin's stranglehold on power and the extent to which Ulster might force a renegotiation of relationships with the former UK. Ironically Scottish Independence could pave the way to a Federated Union of former UK states but within an EU framework, though this is not being discussed. At what point will Ireland admit to it's inner Ulster? Sometime after Scottish Independence once the Welsh have summoned up the courage to 'Liberate the Leek'.

Those speculations aside the notion that Britain would deny Scotland access to Sterling leaving the way open for the Euro to gain a toehold - and a bridgehead to Northern - seems implausible. Surely an Independent Scotland trading in Euro would force Northern Ireland to adopt the Euro too paving the way for a successor to the St. Andrew's Agreement? Such an Agreement might provide the venue for talks on a United Ulster not that Sinn Fein would push for that being vehemently opposed to the Eire Nua construction. The Eire Nua or New Ireland political vision - based on the four provinces - is by now associated with Dissident Republicanism and ironically with Loyalism too in terms of an intact 'Red Hand of Ulster'. (As all assassins rightly know the hand becomes less effective with fewer fingers).

My guess is Cameron is crying over his own fate in all of this. He sees the writing the wall despite the plaintiff cry of Sir Bob and comedians Eddie Izzard, Al Murray and Jenny Colgan at a public event in the 'Lets Stay Together', campaign in Trafalgar Square, London. I glimpsed pictures of the heads of Geldof and Izzard ranting forth from midst the mob this morning as herself turned on breakfast TV. I thought it a comical sight in itself and wondered what the hell Geldof was at having lost a wife and daughter to volatile cocktails of hedonism and heroin. I mean join the dots up Bob 'Casino Capitalism', mixes well with all of that. Seemed to me the plaintiff pleadings of the comedians almost parodied Cameron and are likely lost on the Scots who'll no doubt split their sporrans laughing. Maybe I'm wrong but it sure looked odd. Counterproductive I'm thinking not that Sir Bob was senseless. He was certainly right in his observation that while a country was merely a 'feeling', a union or federation had the capacity for 'greatness'. Peculiarly the Socialist Left are the only ones pointing that fact up whenever they manage to take a break from abortioneering which they hardly ever seem to. Perhaps its all for the better in the end disorder being a peculiar kind of order for the confused and conflicted.

David Cameron makes emotional plea to Scotland as independence vote looms

David Cameron adrift in sea of contingencies as Scottish vote nears

David Cameron puts on his serious face for the no camp

#SIBKills: Video Depicts Unborn Baby’s Development: "At 9weeks baby is like a little human being":… via @StevenErtelt

#SIBKills: Video Depicts Unborn Baby’s Development: "At 9weeks baby is like a little human being":… via @StevenErtelt

My Comment:
As a practicing RC Christian I follow the Church's teaching in relation to abortion however I recognise that I live in a civil society and that theocracies represent a partisan approach to legislation no more so than would be the case with an atheistic ideocracy. Peoples perceptions of values differ and that's something we've got to allow for. But it is not hard to recognise a foetus developing human potential from an unborn baby with human potential and therefore deserving of human rights. Nine weeks is pretty much the point at which the foetus becomes discernibly human developing individual characteristics. Over 20 weeks baby becomes viable and can survive outside the womb as is the case with 'Baby Y', delivered at 24weeks. In practical terms an abortion or spontaneous abortion/miscarriage, even at three months, will produce little more than a clotted mass though the woman will require a DNC, which can of itself destroy her chances of ever becoming pregnant again if the surgeon scrapes the lining of the womb.

We are along way from Row V Wade and not having any real insight into foetal development to the kinds of imagery and surgical techniques of our time. One Irish pro-abortionist commented today that she resented things not having changed since she first traveled to London to have her abortion in 1971. And yet things have changed, in all kinds of ways, especially since Boots and the Irish Pharmaceutical Association introduced the morning after pill - effective up to one month - across the country. So why have the pro-choice lobby not nuanced or toned down their position since? Because they are ideocracts just as dogmatic in their conviction as yesterday's theocrats. They simply don't want to make any concessions, for them it's business as usual despite the sea change in circumstances surrounding conception and pregnancy. Beyond a certain point a foetus becomes more than a reproductive byproduct which an expectant mother can simply flag on or wave down at will.

Women who become matriarchs also become societies basic organising principle a fact, the significance of which, feminists fail to grasp in a post strategic world desperately searching of a new MO. The subject of a dammed good thesis no doubt. Words of wisdom to Ivana the Batchick (Lab. TD).


#GWOBs: Eric Garner says “I Can’t Breathe”, 11 times before dying in #NYPD police chokehold: :

#GWOBs: Eric Garner says “I Can’t Breathe”, 11 times before dying in #NYPD police chokehold: :

Eric Garner says “I Can’t Breathe”, 11 times before dying in #NYPD police chokehold:

My Comment: The soil works best when left undisturbed the microbial biome sequestering up to 40% of the carbon the plants lockin. Disturb the soil and all kinds of chaos follows before it settles down again. The soil has within it every conceivable pattern of response when it is not toxified into servility. The same is true of the people. They need to be healthy so that when the time of disturbance comes they are fit to respond. A healthy society is all response in so many ways as indicated by the protesters. These are plainly peaceful people with nominal expectations. Don't you just get sick and tired of seeing ordinary people getting picked on? 

This military style of policing is a direct product of the military-industrial complex and its relationship to the GWOT, Zionist project , NSA and the ethos of full spectrum dominance. One can only wonder what the upshot will be: the ongoing militarisation of policing or the socialisation of policing? I guess it depends on whose in charge of the police budget because at root that's a question of manpower versus weaponisation and kit. One could argue that a at least one member of every police patrol be a qualified paramedic and that every station employ at least one psychiatrist, one nurse/medic, a sociologist, a welfare officer and addiction counselor.

One of the problems is that police officers see themselves as a paramilitary force much like the RUC did in Northern Ireland as a consequence of the 'Troubles', and that led to a 30yr civil conflict. Its vitally important that the Mayors not allow the police be assimilated into the New World Order enforcement project.

#SIBKills: Historical 4-Part @Prolifecampaign testimonial documentary: '#Abortion the Inside Story': Difficult to comprehend:…

Historical 4-Part @Prolifecampaign testimonial documentary: '#Abortion the Inside Story': Difficult to comprehend:…

My Comment: You've got to listen to this and simply wonder at what is being said. On so many levels this simple testimonial style documentary is almost impossible to comprehend on a practical level if only for the lack of litigation. The documentary is dated and of the Dallas hairstyle era but the point surely is that we know all this and have known for decades so why would we now adopt what is effectively worts practice in abortion terms here in Ireland? This four part documentary is slightly confusing in terms of the sequencing of the speakers but essentially the four are overlapped in time terms each lasting about 15mins.


Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

#SIBKills: Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, says transgenderism is “mental disorder”: Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible':

My Righteous Reaction:
Thanks be to God someone is still capable of making sense of something. The article itself is phased with clarity. The truth sounds simple because it is distilled whereas fallacy sounds delusional because its snot. This is such a serious topic and while one doesn't want to be cruel its very difficult not to be. One must ask whether the 'T', and 'Q', were ever necessary in LGBTQ. The 'T', because of what's being said here and the 'Q', because its open field day on those with syndromes, disabilities, the feminized, mis and disunderplaced.
Accent alone is sufficient to bring the sexual orientalists to your door such is the obsession with the narrative. I've taken to calling my self 'The Farmer from God knows where', or 'The unknown Farmer', just to piss people off on the issue of my non-discript mid-atlantian accent. While I'm not a farmer I'm becoming one just to confound people basing my accent on a farmer from a 1960-70's Irish soap. My wife and I may in time change our name by deed poll to Tom and Mary Riordan as we consider buying a range and a byre though we likely won't have any livestock except plastic or paper mache mockups, perhaps. I mean if not why not?
You've no idea what a distopian nightmare that opens for rural Irish despite the fact that the EU has by now socially re-engineered the State. I also refer to myself as being albino-African-Irish out of solidarity with the people of Nigeria because my mother had the misfortune of being a colour blind, tone deaf, consenting lesbian Swede and therefore was slightly more forward than the average Irish turnip lady.
May I take this opportunity to extend the Pope's Papal blessings on you and yours good Professor because he's apparently decided he's dying and mightn't get round to it. Apparently he to is too confused as is Pope elect Bishop Tutu. People are in chaos not the world. Live long and prosper good Professor!


#GWOBs: Viva Scottish Independence & A United Alternative Ulster: Paul McCartney Mull Of Kintyre-Original Video-HQ:

#GWOBs: Viva Scottish Independence & A United Alternative Ulster: Paul McCartney Mull Of Kintyre-Original Video-HQ:

This is a Partly Political Broadcast - Re: Scottish Independence - on Behalf of South Ulster Folks

Perhaps one of the many reasons I didn't make it in Sinn Fein, despite planing their electoral debut in the ROI, was the fact that I subscribed to a core heresy firmly planted in my mind by that simple document penned by Daithi O Connel "Eire Nua", which advocated a four provinced Ireland. Simple and sensible enough as easy as 1-2-3-4 Greenfields: Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught. So why did Gerry Adams & Co. resist it so? Simpler still agin? Because it makes a major concession to Ulster Unionism opening the prospect of a United Ireland in which a nine county Ulster might just decide to remain on in a federated UK Union or worse still drag the entire Island back into playing rounders with the Brits in the Commonwealth Games. Heavens forbid...

Now the prospect of Scottish Independence, while seemingly a disaster for the Union, might just mean its remaking and reshaping because sometimes one has to step out-agin in order to step back in-agin. The real disaster of our shared colonial past is how those associations were won not the fact of their existence for they were always there to be shaped and given expression to. Yet Adams proceeds in his effort to permanently cleave Ulster off from the Union into a centralised re-bananaed republic bent all over agin cept this time by the forces of ideocracy. It being so incredibly different from theocracy..

Is there any modern popular song which sings to the culture and natural heritage of Scotland as the 'Mull of Kintyre', does? Such a beautiful refrain which speaks to that mist so associated with the northern Isles. I'm a but pumped and receptive to the tune today because I got a three hour K1 paddle in on the Erne yester-evening from the jetty at Newtonbutler past Crom Castle, past the Share Center and round Krishna Island shedding a quarter stone in the process. So serene having the quietened, reflective evening waters to myself as I powered on home roaring like a mad beef cow despite the spondylosis digging into the neck. And thanks to those two young Scots Ulster men who helped haul my exhausted Caracas out of the boat and onto the deck when all was done. I requested a shot-gun but they preferred just to muse at the ranting old boy lying belly down on the deck issuing forth advices regardless.

As to how much time had passed since I began using that jetty? I asked the young lad where the black Labrador that used to dive for stones had gone as his mate held onto a larger newer model which pranced about in his place. 'Dead', he said. To which I replied 'But how what killed him: How did he die'? 'Of old-age', came the reply. And sure enough twenty years spinning round on the blue-ball will send most all dogs to their grave. I felt part responsible but assured the young man his dog would be waiting for him in Nirvana. How much joy that dog gave through the simple exercise greeting everyone who arrived there and by fetching and diving after any and every stone thrown into the water's edge for him. Gone too the constant patrol of Brits and helicopters using the lake as a flight path.

The Irish News declares Stormont in trouble over the social welfare budget which the nationalist parties refuse to renegotiate. An opportunity for a successor to St. Andrews Agreement perhaps? As I drove herself to school in Fermanagh, this morning, across the Monaghan border through the South Ulster hills, she urged me to drive faster. I mentioned the thick pea soup mist and the dangers of crashing into and being masticated by any one of hundreds of neighbour cows, which seem increasingly heroic in stature. Beef fit for a King and being sold for burger meat - go figure? 'Ban meat as a fast food', I say. And so in, and on, and of, and through and due to all of those eclectic associations I feel I must come out of the closet, sparan dangling and declare in favour of an Independent Scotland; and very sharply thereafter a United Ulster; and from thenceforth towards a federated union of former UK states within the EU. But hey that's Socialist Party Policy, or so I'm led to believe, should they ever care to push for anything other than full term abortion.

Best of luck to the Scots: Sparans in one hand and ballot paper in the other! Do the right thing and throw the Ulster Scots a bone why don't you?

#Transition: Martin Rees describing in scientific terms the global imperative of #Krishna Consciounsess: via @YouTube

#Transition: Martin Rees describing in scientific terms the global imperative of #Krishna Consciounsess: via @YouTube

My Comment: Its no longer a question of 'Which God', 'Who's book'? or 'What ideology or technology'? but rather 'Which MO is sustainable'? and in ecological terms the Krishna Consciousness Movement win that one hands down. The world must simply look through the rather bizarre, perplexing and somewhat threatening iconography of the Krishna movement and see that in lifestyle terms they're right and we're wrong and that's that. If we could just hop, skip and jump over the bullshit to that simple realisation we'd be sorted within a decade or two and fit to traverse the millennium ahead otherwise we simply will not make it. The only question is whether we take everything else out with us as Martin Rees is suggesting? And beyond that whether we imagine the universe is so benign that it would allow us to turn its lights out.

So listen carefully to the question which is being asked here: Which is worse a ninety or one hundred percent extinction of humanity in a context where one hundred percent ends all life? While warning against what I call the eco-Armageddonists Martin Rees really sides with them because he is saying a 90% cull is livable with. People must take this on board because the notion that the human population could be culled back to less than half a billion is being mentioned again and again and again, almost mantra like. There is only one thing most people can do and it happens to be the most effect thing to do and that is to transition your lifestyle towards that of the vegan light, toxin free, anti-materialist modus advocated by the Krishna Consciousness Movement.

As the Nike advert says 'Just do it'!


#NFI: @SinnFeinIreland neither #Europhile nor #Eurosceptic but #Eurocritical” says Lynn Boylan: @IrishTimes

Lynn is a former student of mine, back in the day, so she's a fully qualified, convinced and convincing environmentalist. No cynic as Miriam Lord suggests here - in this article - but a deeply empathetic person who possess qualities, grace and charm. And on top of all of that still manages to be a highly photogenic politico - which is quite a mystery to me.

As to how she made it through the ranks. She had the good fortune to land on Martin Ferris's patch and from there to find her way back to Dublin cutting her teeth at party Ard Fheiseanna enroute. Obviously she decided to go with the Irish handle 'Ni Bhaoigheallain', when in Kerry reverting to 'Boylan', in Dublin. (This is not a conspiracy. She's a 'Lovely girl' and people like her - simple as Miriam). Not surprising she's been so well received in Dublin. She really is the genuine article. Dublin's answer to Martina Anderson.

I can't vote for you Lynn but I would do if I could do. Best of luck tomorrow.

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation...

#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

Check out Transition Ireland Northern Ireland (TINI) on Facebook:
#TINI Meeting Concludes with #Monsanto March as Social Partnership & Local Government Models of Participation found wanting:

My Comment:
Here's some pictures I took of the TINI (Transition Ireland Northern Ireland) meeting in Ashoka House last Saturday. Thanks to Damien Creggan (light blue top & hat) for driving up and being a great mate for the day. I represented my own views quite forcibly: 1)That Local Government should be replaced with a National Forum elected from a representatives put forward by prescribed NGOs; 2)That we needed a far bigger idea of what a 'Tool', was, namely that the meeting and budgets not become a subset of the IT Guys budgetary fantasies in the same way political parties appeared to have become a subset of the printing industry and it's bills. The point was plainly taken on board because the TINI.ning site is not working today so I assume someone took the huff. Still their Facebook link is up.

Theresa Carter explained, in great detail and insight, TINI's interaction with the Social Partnership Process and new model for public participation in relation to nation energy transition plan and TINI's role therein. A task which had plainly taken her to the end of her tether but one which she elaborated on with great poise nonetheless. My proposal for the abolition of Local Government in favour of a National NGO Forum for Environment, Community and Local Government is very radical to the point of being communistic but ironically poses as much a challenge for the emergent Left as it does for the established powers because it totally changes the game effectively decommissioning our clientelist patronage system of governance which has turned us into the petty, 'Going along to get along', sycophantic nation we are. My point about taking the budget off the 'Julio for Toolios', was also plainly challenging my key concern being that we need to get out there into garden from the git go. Just as revolutionaries worked off the revolutionary trail so too 'Eco-solution-aries', must work out of the project rooted in their 'chosen product', - to borrow a phrase from neighbour Niall McQuaid.

The conversation also focused on the resurgent interest in the energy debate from issues including: Fracking, Pylons, Windmills, Interconnectors, Vegan/Organic Agriculture etc and was likened to the LGBTQ debate in that respect; there being no right or wrong just increasing and more sensitised patterns of awareness to the human needs and dispositions. Thanks to Elaine and Nicola from my own working group and to Nicola for asking the question 'How to become carbon neutral?' and offering me the opportunity to at least answer it in part: By moving from Meat Loving towards Vegan diets; By switching to Green energy electric providers; By limiting mileage in the car and switching home heating systems to solar, photovoltaic and biomass fuel; By constraining you pattern of personal consumption including annual holidays; and by getting involved in promoting Carbon Sequestration either directly or by sponsoring a Rainforest/Indigeous Peoples NGO.

And so onto the Monsanto March which was reasonably well attended and seemed to swell enroute from the Garden of Rememberance to the Department of Agriculture where I took some photos on my slightly aged Nokia thanks to the cooperation of the people concerned whose names I did not have the temerity to ask. Perhaps some folks can Facebook Tag their faces. I was very impressed and put to shame for having no banner myself which I never do because getting out the door always drives me into internal crisis. Thanks to all for the great day out and hope the TINI troop are not falling out over IT budgets.

BTW: Rebelmouse is free as is Twitter and Facialbook though some small budget is really becoming an issue for me too which is something I'm going to have to do something about asap.


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#Occupy: SHOCKING! Babies, young children & mothers Victims Of #IDF Shelling: via @YouTube

#Occupy: SHOCKING! Babies, young children & mothers Victims Of #IDF Shelling Rus...: via @YouTube

My Comment:

The entire population is totally traumatised 75% of which are women and children. Hamas & the IDF are both fascistic entities, one acting as the sacrificial lamb of Islam the other the righteous progeny of Zion. The map of Palestine looks like an anatomy of a autopsy the notion that two viable states could co-exist utter nonsense. In truth one must destroy the other or both must give way to a unified pluralist and secular state. But no-one wants this because the interests in the conflict run deep including showcasing the Iron Dome defense system. Research needs to be done on the procurement of all these weapons systems because I've no doubt the armaments dealers and procurers are all wise guys on the same side regardless of theocratic nonsense.

In a strict Biblical sense Islam and Judaism contesting the Holy Land is a akin to a fight among cadavers for control of the mortuary. Fatah are closer to the truth than either the IDF or Hamas. In reality Hamas have been a disaster for Gaza and Palestine but this is a civilian city we are talking about. The notion of waging war in it when the Israelis have such sophisticated weapons systems at their disposal is totally unjustifiable; the ambition to remove Hamas reasonable but how? The truth is there is no way of normalising politics outside of a comprehensive settlement but the Israelis don't want this because this would leave the emerging state split 50:50 between Arabs and Jews. A solution as far as the world is concerned but not where either Hamas or Zionists are concerned. And most Israelis, even radical peaceniks, are zionists (though lowercase) advocating the twin state solution. The truth is there is very little anyone can do except pray for an end to the delusion which is sustaining the conflict.

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