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"Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas" Bonnie McFarlane...
"Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas"
Bonnie McFarlane

Response by @paulvcassidy
Nice accompanying picture of Al Gorithim - pun intended - denoting the mathematical means for loading the web conversation in terms of who's in and who's out and about. The almost complete melt annual of the Arctic Sea ice is - in a nutshell -  the explanation for our increasingly chilly and wet Summers. I could go into that but that's the point? This is now a fact of life to be compensated for Indian Summers (August-September-October) where the North Atlantic is concerned. This is a known and documented consequence of global warming but as the hydrocarbon industry are gagging to get in at the Arctic we are being sold weather distraction with in-depth analyses of southern hemisphere weather events like El Nino fluffed out with weather reports from South East Asia and so forth as though the solution to global warming was weather tourism, which it most certainly ain't. 
The real rapid response to all of this is a global shift towards vegetarianism specifically the Krishna diet which is parked between veganism and vegetarianism, retaining as it does, diary products whilst excluding eggs. Livestock generates over half of all greenhouse gases and that's not to mention the inputs of the fisheries industry in terms of diesel usage, fish-farming and so forth, no mind oceanic pollution and loss off bio-diversity. The oceanic food chain is close to collapse and that's another real bad idea. In short the most basic thing humanity could do for the planet is to get it's snout (and/or proxy-snouts) out of where it/they don't belong. 
Having eaten meat till the age of 50+ I'm now a year following the Krishna diet. I'm eating two cooked vegetarian meals a week, one at Kirtan and one in Govindas, and surviving on salads, smoothies, snacks, home baked bread plus a couple of protein bars during the week. I'm 95Kg and gaining rather than loosing muscle mass so much so that I'm now integrating fasting or pranayamic yogic spaces into my day. I drank heavily up to the age of 40 at which point I quit both smoking and drinking, quitting meat a decade later. Even though I qualified as an environmentalist I did not appreciate the extent to which mans environmental impact was essentially diet related, followed closely by lifestyle choices and personal patterns of consumption. And the critical issue with industrial consumer society is the sheer scale of our greed, our wantoness and excess. Regardless of class bracket we are all engaged in the destruction of this planet by virtue of, what is in essence, unfettered expectation, as in: we expect way too much. We cannot begin a conversation with the developing world about getting our house in order until we've made serious strides at getting ours in-order first. 
While I remain a practicing Christian I've had to concede that the Krishna diet is the best anti-dote where global warming is concerned. If we could advance from there to consider lifestyle and consumer choices we'd really be winning the war in terms of: climate stability, food security, food equality, bio-diversity, wellness and social harmony. The very first thing to do is to: Ban meat as a fast-food, commencing with beef; followed closely by 
Banning the industrial trawling of the Oceans; and Banning the sale of alcohol and nicotine in retail outlets restricting sales to licensed premises.  
The Krishna Consciousness Movement have understood that the menu is not only an agenda setting exercise, but that 'The menu is the agenda', where global warming is concerned. The problem is the focus is everywhere but the menu because it involves taking on the meat and food industries. The bottom line is we are killing the planet for the right to eat meat and with it any chance future generations have of having lives worth living. If we were to say something like 'Life beyond 2050 will not be worth living for 80% of the Earth's people', what would that mean? Perhaps it means that suicide will become the principal cause of death over the decades ahead because most people will not be able to endure and will make such high risks to escape their misery  - like crossing the Mediterranean on a lilo - that they will essentially have decided to commit the emigrants equivalent of Hari Kari. I mean let's face it this is already happening and it's no laughing matter for the people concerned. Nor will it be a cause for celebration for the generation of westerners currently growing up into this developing ecotastrophe. As for the 50+ bracket we need to lead the way by essentially purging ourselves from our space in the foodchain and setting good example. 
#Transition: Martin Rees describing in scientific terms the global imperative of #Krishna Consciounsess: via @YouTube

#Transition: Martin Rees describing in scientific terms the global imperative of #Krishna Consciounsess: via @YouTube

My Comment: Its no longer a question of 'Which God', 'Who's book'? or 'What ideology or technology'? but rather 'Which MO is sustainable'? and in ecological terms the Krishna Consciousness Movement win that one hands down. The world must simply look through the rather bizarre, perplexing and somewhat threatening iconography of the Krishna movement and see that in lifestyle terms they're right and we're wrong and that's that. If we could just hop, skip and jump over the bullshit to that simple realisation we'd be sorted within a decade or two and fit to traverse the millennium ahead otherwise we simply will not make it. The only question is whether we take everything else out with us as Martin Rees is suggesting? And beyond that whether we imagine the universe is so benign that it would allow us to turn its lights out.

So listen carefully to the question which is being asked here: Which is worse a ninety or one hundred percent extinction of humanity in a context where one hundred percent ends all life? While warning against what I call the eco-Armageddonists Martin Rees really sides with them because he is saying a 90% cull is livable with. People must take this on board because the notion that the human population could be culled back to less than half a billion is being mentioned again and again and again, almost mantra like. There is only one thing most people can do and it happens to be the most effect thing to do and that is to transition your lifestyle towards that of the vegan light, toxin free, anti-materialist modus advocated by the Krishna Consciousness Movement.

As the Nike advert says 'Just do it'!


Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

#SIBKills: Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, says transgenderism is “mental disorder”: Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible':

My Righteous Reaction:
Thanks be to God someone is still capable of making sense of something. The article itself is phased with clarity. The truth sounds simple because it is distilled whereas fallacy sounds delusional because its snot. This is such a serious topic and while one doesn't want to be cruel its very difficult not to be. One must ask whether the 'T', and 'Q', were ever necessary in LGBTQ. The 'T', because of what's being said here and the 'Q', because its open field day on those with syndromes, disabilities, the feminized, mis and disunderplaced.
Accent alone is sufficient to bring the sexual orientalists to your door such is the obsession with the narrative. I've taken to calling my self 'The Farmer from God knows where', or 'The unknown Farmer', just to piss people off on the issue of my non-discript mid-atlantian accent. While I'm not a farmer I'm becoming one just to confound people basing my accent on a farmer from a 1960-70's Irish soap. My wife and I may in time change our name by deed poll to Tom and Mary Riordan as we consider buying a range and a byre though we likely won't have any livestock except plastic or paper mache mockups, perhaps. I mean if not why not?
You've no idea what a distopian nightmare that opens for rural Irish despite the fact that the EU has by now socially re-engineered the State. I also refer to myself as being albino-African-Irish out of solidarity with the people of Nigeria because my mother had the misfortune of being a colour blind, tone deaf, consenting lesbian Swede and therefore was slightly more forward than the average Irish turnip lady.
May I take this opportunity to extend the Pope's Papal blessings on you and yours good Professor because he's apparently decided he's dying and mightn't get round to it. Apparently he to is too confused as is Pope elect Bishop Tutu. People are in chaos not the world. Live long and prosper good Professor!


#NFI: @SinnFeinIreland neither #Europhile nor #Eurosceptic but #Eurocritical” says Lynn Boylan: @IrishTimes

Lynn is a former student of mine, back in the day, so she's a fully qualified, convinced and convincing environmentalist. No cynic as Miriam Lord suggests here - in this article - but a deeply empathetic person who possess qualities, grace and charm. And on top of all of that still manages to be a highly photogenic politico - which is quite a mystery to me.

As to how she made it through the ranks. She had the good fortune to land on Martin Ferris's patch and from there to find her way back to Dublin cutting her teeth at party Ard Fheiseanna enroute. Obviously she decided to go with the Irish handle 'Ni Bhaoigheallain', when in Kerry reverting to 'Boylan', in Dublin. (This is not a conspiracy. She's a 'Lovely girl' and people like her - simple as Miriam). Not surprising she's been so well received in Dublin. She really is the genuine article. Dublin's answer to Martina Anderson.

I can't vote for you Lynn but I would do if I could do. Best of luck tomorrow.

#SIBKills:"ECLIPSE OF REASON": Historical (1987) #abortion documentary exposing late term abortion as a crime against humanity:

"ECLIPSE OF REASON": Historical (1987) #abortion documentary exposing late term abortion as a crime against humanity:

"Its seems to me that almost no attention is paid to the psychological disaster that happens to so many people through abortion. Abortion is not something that was developed or invented by the women's movement. I think the women's movement has been terribly deceived and his misunderstood what abortion is". (23:20-23:45mins).

Anonymous psychologist survivor of abortion who on getting off the abortion table was faced with a blood filled bucket containing the hand sized remains of her baby.

My Comment:
Some stats on late term (second & third trimester) abortions: USA 7% or 120'000 of 1.5M ; Canada 11% or 7'000 of 65'000; UK 18% or 30'000 of 170'000 annually. The total of 20M abortions reached in the US in 1987 currently tops 50M every decade adding a further 15M to the death toll. In the former Soviet Union 40% of pregnancies ended in abortion. A good thing or a bad thing? Well it sure is a sad thing whatever way you want to look at it. What of Charlton Heston's intro? Gone now to greener gun toting pastures since.

And to think here we are in good old Ireland seeking to endorse what is without doubt a modern holocaust over 40yrs since its inception in 1973. The abortion performed here is disturbing to say the least to the extent that the surgeon who performed the abortion in the film 'The Silent Scream', recoils in horror at the thought of performing late term abortions having performed over 10'000 first term abortions at that stage of his career apparently chronically fatigued from labouring in his chosen vineyard of death.

In terms of arguing the case for abortion one must accept that beyond first trimester - the nervous system having developed - that it is an incredibly cruel way to end a human being's life because the foetus is sensory at that point, which is to say it feels the pain involved in being torn asunder. Those arguing for abortion need to consider that post first trimester they are attributing fewer rights to unborn children than the animal rights movement attributes to animals in terms of prevention of cruelty. While within the first trimester the human is truly foetal by the second it is already a foetus rapidly transitioning to an unborn child capable of living in intensive care beyond the midway point. So who wants to draw that line in the embryonic sands? Best to stick to trimesters in terms of analysis. There really is no argument for abortion, bar saving the life of the mother, beyond the first trimester still birth or emergency c-section being preferable options.

So Ireland's 9 month 'Protection of life in Pregnancy Bill', is absurdly euphemistic in terms of deception making the Irish political establishment seem as though they had been collectively lobotomized. In the light of these historical testimonial documentaries anyone advancing an argument for abortion beyond three months simply ought not be listened to on humanitarian grounds alone. And note my choice of the word humanitarian as opposed to the phrase 'human rights', because a persons humanity can and ought be recognised even if their rights cannot. Even at that we risk some intrepid corporate patenting the human embryo, via surrogacy, up to the point at which it develops identity (sexual identity being the most obvious benchmark) and using the products of conception for commercial purposes. I presume this is already the case with respect to R&D which begs the question as to where where the harvested remains of aborted embryonic children go nowadays?

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